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Tips about infrared thermometer

1.How the forehead infrared thermometer works

The infrared thermometer measures body temperature by absorbing the infrared radiation 

energy reflected from the human body.
Any object will emit infrared light when it is above absolute zero (-273 ° C), and 

the forehead infrared thermometer receives infrared light through the sensor to obtain 

the sensing temperature data.
The forehead infrared thermometers measure temperature by absorbing energy, so they 

don't cause harm to the human body when measuring body temperature.

2.How to use forehead thermometer correctly

When measuring body temperature, point the instrument in the center of the forehead 

and keep it vertical to avoid obstruction of clothing or hair, distance 3cm-5cm.
Sweating in the forehead will dissipate a lot of heat, which will reduce the body 

temperature of the forehead. When measuring, the head sweat should be dried in advance 

to prevent measurement deviation.
It is more accurate to measure parts covered by clothing outdoor, such as the wrist or 

It is recommended to measure about 3 times during the measurement, based on the 

average body temperature value.
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